New Jersey – A84HRZ

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: He was riding VERY close to my back bumper when I put my hand up, politely asking him to back off a little; instead he got a LOT closer to me, got to my left and tried to run me off the road. He then got in front of my car, slammed on the brakes and almost caused me to crash. I tried to switch lanes to get away from him and he tried to hit the front of my car with the back drivers side of his car and almost ran me into a truck. He again slammed on the brakes in front of me and continued this while looking at me and laughing from beside me at times. He went to get off the same exit I was, the Rte. 401 exit headed south on Rte. 202 in Malvern/Frazer and then at the last moment, almost hitting someone else, drove back into traffic and sped off at a very high rate of speed. I, and many others, could have been seriously injured, or killed, with the way this person was driving. Something NEEDS to be done about this person. He is a threat on the roads!
Driver Description: Mid-twenties, male, short dirty blonde hair, laughing and obviously enjoying almost causing an accident. He was wearing a blue t-shirt.
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic
Event Date/Time: August 06, 2020 15:38:00 pm
Location: New Jersey, United States


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