New Jersey – ZSK17R

Event: Road Rage
Event Description: Middle aged white male did not allow me to zipper merge. The pickup ahead of me had reached the merge point and I was indicating into the space behind the van he merged in front of. You know, like how you’re supposed to. The reckless car aggressively tailgated the van in front of him, then leaned over a women passenger to yell obcenities and make threatening gestures.
Driver Description: Middle aged white male. Maybe mid_40s. Slightly balding up front. Pale brown hair I think, but didn’t get a great look.
Vehicle Make/Model: /
Event Date/Time: February 13, 2019 17:45:00 pm
Location: New Jersey, United States

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  1. So many people outright refuse to accept the protocol of a zipper merge. Insects have had it mastered for few hundred million years. Had a guy full blown try and race me to a zipper merge just this evening on the way home, then tailgate like an ass. That was until he saw my camera in the rear window.

  2. Try signaling your merge….it’s very simple. It’s that thing sticking out of the left side of your steering column. Drivers that merge without signaling irritate the piss out of me, like they’re supposed to be just ‘let over’, when in fact it is the responsibility of the merging driver to YIELD to traffic already on the highway, or in a thru lane.

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