New trial cameras nab 31 bad drivers each hour

Jamie Freestone

The trial caught more than 2000 WA motorists, but they won’t be fined yet.

World-first technology has nabbed more than 2000 WA motorists using their mobile phone behind the wheel.

But the motorists won’t be fined because it was part of a new trial.

The Road Safety Commission inspected the cameras, which are mounted high above the road, in January.

The eastern states-based company was paid by the State Government for the WA trial, with the cameras capturing 31 drivers on their phone every hour.

That’s compared to the 40 a day caught by police, on average.

WA Police already use long distance cameras and helmet cams to fine drivers.

Under WA law, drivers can only touch their phone to receive or terminate a call if the mobile is mounted in a cradle.

Even if the phone is secured in a cradle, drivers can not look at or send a text.

The penalty for using a mobile phone behind the wheel is $400 and three demerit points.

No decision has been made on whether the new technology will be used in WA.

The new trial cameras nabbed 31 drivers every hour.


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