New York – GTD2799

Event: Cut Off
Event Description: I was on my way to work minding my business when SHITHEAD cut into my lane in front of me very closely almost hitting me. It was like they deliberately made sure to wait till he was really close to switch lanes and cut in front of me. SHITHEAD started tailgating the car in front of them very closely and as I switched into another lane in an attempt to move away from SHITHEAD, SHITHEAD jumped into the same lane to get in front of me. My exit was coming up so I again moved to the lane so I could exit and SHITHEAD sped up to jump into the same lane in front of me but by that time my exit stopped the tomfoolery. Throughout the debacle SHITHEAD at least had the common sense to use his signals before cutting me off. What a DICK! I truly hope SHITHEAD has a lifetime of bad days and tickets from the cops, has someone do the same shit to them and loses their car someway/somehow whether that means towed or totaled bc he is unfit for driving.
Driver Description: SHITHEAD had tints so I couldn’t see them.
Vehicle Make/Model: Mazda/Mazda6
Event Date/Time: November 15, 2019 08:46:00 am
Location: New York, United States


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