This News Crew Sat And Filmed As A Giant Pothole Blew 20 Tyres

Instead of warning drivers about a giant, tyre-bursting pothole in Michigan, this news crew simply sat back and filmed the carnage…

Here’s a prime example of small-time news journalists doing what small-time news journalists do best: finding a spot where they know full well people are going to fall foul of something, and then filming it.

A huge and sharp-edged pothole had appeared on Mound Road in Warren, Michigan, so, as you apparently do in an age where the viewing public has a ravenous appetite for calamity-related video, instead of warning people about it, a news team from Local 4 simply set up a camera and watched tyre after tyre go bang.

Eventually members of the public tried to warn drivers, first by setting out flares and then placing a comically large traffic cone ahead of the hole, but by the end of the report, some 19 cars had succumbed, with over 20 tyres blown out on the pothole just in the time the gallant Local 4 crew was filming. We’d imagine there was a cracked wheel or two to report, too.


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