North Carolina – EDF2790

Event: Tailgating
Event Description: Person tailgated honking so much we thought something was wrong, We were doing the speed limit, (our 16 year old new driver was driving) we pulled into gas station, she followed, she continued to honk and then drive past giving us the finger. Pulled in to get gas. She flicked us off some more are went inside – we told her a new driver was driving – she was basically a B……
Driver Description: Female, 21, (she told us) white, blond hair.
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Civic
Event Date/Time: September 08, 2018 14:45:00 pm
Location: North Carolina, United States

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  1. Were you in the left lane of a 2 or more lane road? If so, you’re in the wrong. If it was single lane, then the other driver had no right to honk.
    Speed limit or not, left lanes are always reserved for passing. Many states have left lane hog rules for people who do not get out of the way .

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