North Carolina – JHW2761

License State / Plate: North Carolina – JHW2761
Type of Bad Driving Event: Tailgating
Date / Time: 07/15/2022 9:00 AM
Location: Jefferson Davis Hwy, Sanford, NC, USA
Vehicle Make & Model: Nissan Altima
Event & Driver Description (no doxing please): This woman comes from far behind and on my behind in a matter of seconds. I could barely see her lights, that’s how close she was to my bumper. I couldnt move right away because of the trailers next to me, but she continued. Then shes moving her arms upset. I put into the right lane and she flies by me at 80mph. Thankfully I got this pic because she wasn’t fast enough to beat the light. State troopers need to be on the highway during the day. They’ll catch speeders like her who can cause a collision. She is Caucasian, had striaght brown medium shoulder length hair.

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