North Carolina – PJK5943

Event: Red Light
Event Description: The lady misjudged the time it took to cut in front of me from a stop sign and I almost rear-ended the woman. I left this out, but I was going to pass her and she sped up and gave me a nasty look in her rear mirror. She needed to yield to oncoming traffic. She was white mid to late 40s, brunette, hair up, had these big sunglasses so I couldn’t see much. She looked at me like I was in the wrong, not her. Watch out for her. I was going to record an interaction with her, but she sped off once she saw me recording her. She was going at least 80,
Driver Description: Caucasian woman, up brown hair, mid to late 40’s, big sunglasses on a cloudy day.
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/XLE Highlander
Event Date/Time: March 16, 2020 21:46:00 pm
Location: North Carolina, United States


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