Ohio – 752YZH

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: was at the harpers point kroger this am, parked on the handicapped space/decal and licence plate are showing it. This women came out of the car started to yell, scram, showing mid finger to myself and a few other people parked on the handicapped space. Than she looked at me and started showing her fingers and i thought she will run me over. I looked at her and said: i hope you get the brain tumor that I have and may be change your story. She showed her finger again and drove off . I called the police dept and left her lic plate.
Driver Description: gray hair , angry about 60 yrs old woman please let me know
Vehicle Make/Model: lexis 2017 /rx 350
Event Date/Time: August 01, 2019 07:30:00 am
Location: Ohio, United States

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