Ohio – HUL4596

Event: Cut Off
Event Description: I was traveling along Riverside Drive — coming up to Main Street — when all of a sudden this dufus in a red SUV cuts into traffic and comes within a few inches of slamming into my car. He could have waited a few seconds but decided it would be faster to cut into a line of cars. All so that he could race ahead and get stuck at a red light. Not sure what his logic was with this idiot move. I’m thinking the Boston terrier he loves (his love, proclaimed on a bumper sticker) is probably way smarter than he is.
Driver Description: Generic looking white guy with short hair and look of quiet, hollow desperation on his face.
Vehicle Make/Model: GMC/Envoy
Event Date/Time: September 23, 2019 08:37:00 am
Location: Ohio, United States


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