Ontario – CFNA435

Event: Reckless
Event Description: If you see this license plate (CFNA 435), drive away or run as fast as possible. After normal signaling, and checking my blind spot twice, I started changing Lanes from 3 to 4, bc I saw that this fucker was fairly far. As I was changing lanes and two thirds into Lane 4, he zoomed so much *faster,* with half is car on Lane 4 and the other half in the narrower, “pull over,” non-lane, in an attempt to drive around me, that he destroys my right mirror and fender. And then he lied to the police, with a story that made no sense at all (bc it’s totally possible to hit someone behind you, while driving forward). Since the officer didn’t feel like actually investigating, he refused to put anyone at fault, calling it a, “He said, she said,” case. Well, if he won’t help me, at least I can warn netizens of lying reckless drivers, like the schmuck behind this car.
Driver Description: Lying Ottawa asshole.
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/
Event Date/Time: March 14, 2019 23:56:00 pm
Location: Ontario, Canada

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