Ontario – CHTE922

Event: Hit a pedestrian and run
Event Description: I was rollerblading at about the avg speed of bike, was about 30-40 meters away when this minivan drove upto to the corner turn right off Vicmout onto the bigger street, Westmount (on map) he had a stop sign and I had the right of way, but he did not stop, he slowed down close to a stop then let go od brakes, you can see the van swing back and forth from the momentum. His passenger established eye contact with me with window open also and me yelling “hey” so they heard me too. It seemed in split second they will stop, but they didn’t and proceeded to cut off my path and stop there, so I had no way to hit non-existing brakes on rollerblades and smashed into the rear right side of the van, twisting and injuring my ancle, but not damaging the van. I crashed down, my water all over me, dust and now mud everywhere, they got I out, no help, just angry. They were aggressive I think Somalians, who did not want to say sorry, or esp help with cab, nor provide any info. I had to limp away as I feared for my life and called police. These animals need to go to jail. This was crime.
Driver Description: 2 possibly Somalians, angry, no regard for human life, threatening. Short, older one shaved head, younger one semi-fro like cut.
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/2008 Dodge minivan
Event Date/Time: August 31, 2019 14:24:00 pm
Location: Ontario, Canada

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