Pennsylvania – AG46443

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: I was driving on center road in Monroeville and the truck came from old haymaker road and went right through the stop sign merging onto center road. I really came close to hitting him, and it was just not right. It could have been really bad if I didn’t have my full attention on the road. He just went right through the stop sign then kept going and started speeding. He should not be on the road, he needs his license removed or something because I should not have been in that situation. That was very dangerous of him to just go right through the stop sign like that
Driver Description: I could not see him, I just know it was a big, blue truck with a big metal bed.
Vehicle Make/Model: Peterbuilt/Truck
Event Date/Time: April 09, 2019 12:25:00 pm
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

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