Pennsylvania – GFV3625

Event: Drug trafficking
Event Description: Miguel Octavio Gaitan is an illegal alien colombian Drug trafficker that uses that car to transport illegal drugs and money from his house to his supplier. He also has his illegal alien “wife” Sandra Gaitan to assist him with his drug trafficking.
Driver Description: Miguel Octavio Gaitan aka Miguel Cordoba is a short, scrawny, disheveled, haggard illegal alien colombian male. Sandra Gaitan is a heavy, stocky, crazy-looking illegal alien Latin female.
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda /CR-V
Event Date/Time: October 27, 2019 13:56:00 pm
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

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    1. Unfortunately, Philadelphia is a so-called “sanctuary city”, so even when they’re caught—trashy Philadelphia won’t turn them over to the authorities, it’s really messed up because they can break every law and Philadelphia will enable them to get away with it, its really treasonous for Philadelphia to disobey federal laws but expect federal money for the rotten city.

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