Pennsylvania – LGD1575

Event: Reckless
Event Description: I was cruising at about 41mph in a 40mph zone in dense fog this morning in an area that can have deer in the early morning. The selfish driver in question passed me on the left over a a double yellow line. When I saw them at the next light I saw they had moved into the left turning lane to an area currently under construction. While the light was still red they cut off the driver who was in the correct lane before them and sped off to merge onto 476 heading south. I hope this selfish jerk finds some reason to be a decent person.
Driver Description: Due to the hour and speed they were passing em at it was impossible for me to see the driver
Vehicle Make/Model: Volvo/S60
Event Date/Time: February 07, 2020 06:09:00 am
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

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