How to Report a Bad Driver

Steps for Reporting a Bad Driver

  1. Gather information about the driver and the vehicle.  Write down the license plate, what the driver looks like, what kind of vehicle they’re in, etc.  Take pictures and videos if possible.
  2. Navigate to the Bad Drivers Reporting Application.
  3. Click on the Report a Bad Driver link.
  4. Fill out information, add photos and videos if any.
  5. Once everything is filled out, submit the report.

You can report a bad driver online by making a report using our report a bad driver application.

Or search our Bad Drivers Database, they might have been reported already.

There really isn’t much that can be done about those disrespectful and dangerous individuals on the roads that make driving such an unpleasant experience. Here, on the, users can submit information on a bad driver, vent frustrations, and inform others of what they experienced. Small examples: Isn’t it shocking how many refuse to use their indicators, change lanes without looking, go slow in the fast lane, and can’t merge or cruise.

100% Anonymous Bad Driver Reports

report bad drivers

Report a Bad Driver App

How to Report a Bad Driver?

#1 Bad Drivers Reporting Application

Check out Version 1.0 – Report a Bad Driver


  • No Registration Necessary
  • All English Speaking Countries
  • Country, State, and License Plate
  • Event Type / Optional Text
  • Description of Event
  • Description of Driver
  • GPS location capture
  • Multiple Photo Uploads
  • YouTube Video links accepted
  • View recent events
  • Google map display
  • License Plate Search




  • Users smart enough not to endanger themselves messing with their phone while driving.

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