Event: Road Rage
Event Date/Time: December 14, 2018 22:26:00 pm
Location: Arizona, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Tacoma
Event Description: One night after work, I was just driving minding my own business. going the speed limit. then I stopped at a light and hear some angry white dude screaming and I look over and he spits right at my passenger window. I look at him like, "what are you doing?" he starts cussing at me , telling me to go and go and to stop staring at him. whatever.. I didn't go. I was staying there until I saw his plate number. he caught on and told me "I have your plate number " again, he was screaming this while my window was completely up. anyway, I knew he did have my plate number because he was more in front of me than behind. I still don't go. He however, burns rubber and goes 0 to 100 really quick. I was able to gather, "FOXOPS" on a VETERN plate. (like serious dude has issues for sure and needs help), he truck was a grey? couldn't really tell because I was dark and have tinted windows, the truck was a Toyota Tacoma about 2007, a bit lifted. he was a white male, beard and wearing a hat. A person like him, should not be acting as such. his actions need to stop if he is often having road rage.
Driver Description: white male. mid 30's. beard. hat. ex veteran