Event Date/Time: July 13, 2019 12:36:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy /Tahoe
Event Description: I was going down Woodburn Corners road, and as I was passing Maverick street, this PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED MURDEROUS LUNATIC came SPEEDING through the STOP SIGN off Maverick street AS I WAS PASSING IT!!!! THIS PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE SPED THRU THE STOP SIGN ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER, ALMOST TURNED THE CORNER ON TWO WHEELS THEN SLAMMED ON THEIR BRAKES IN FRONT OF ME!!!! I had to SLAM on MY brakes to keep from ending up UNDER the rear of this piece of human garbage!!!!! Then the fuktard piece of shit drove SLOW in front of me down the street!!!!!! When we got to Woodburn Corners and Park road, THE PIECE OF SHIT SPED THROUGH THE RED LIGHT INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!!!! AS USUAL.....the so-called "law enforcement" could NOT bother enforcing the laws!!!!
Driver Description: n/a