Event: Aggressive
Event Date/Time: February 14, 2020 01:46:00 am
Location: Oklahoma, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Tundra
Event Description: Was merging onto West I44 from South I35 when this driver began to drift over the line. After giving the driver space to correct this twice, I honked when he/she nearly crashed into my side of the car after drifting a third time. As we near the junction to US77, he/she has cut me off dramatically (causing me to slam my breaks in the middle of the highway) and swerved between lanes no less than four times in the span of roughly two and a half miles. I suspect he/she would have continued to do so if there wasn’t construction limited to one lane of traffic on each side of the divider. He/She exited onto Classen shortly after.
Driver Description: