Event: Red Light
Event Date/Time: September 16, 2020 08:35:00 am
Location: Florida, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: White CLS/Mercedes Benz
Event Description: At the intersection to merge onto 275 North by the Burger King the driver decided they would run the red light and sit in the middle of the ramps to merge onto the highway. Once on the highway they were going at least 100 mph (speed limit is 55). They aggressively swerved in an out of traffic and slowed down significantly when I came up behind them (they must have seen me gesturing at them when they ran the red light, not sure). They were obviously break checking me because it looked like they had their emergency lights on they were stepping on and off the break repeatedly. When I changed lanes to pass them (they were going like 40mph at this point) they stepped on their gas. They then started driving like an absolute moron again (speeding and swerving around everyone).
Driver Description: