Event: Reckless
Event Date/Time: May 01, 2021 14:30:00 pm
Location: Nevada, United States
Vehicle Make/Model: Lexus/Rx350
Event Description: Driving straight north bound down N Rainbow Blvd, next to Alpha Auto Glass. Just before Best in The West Intersection, W Lake Mead Blvd. As I drive straight (in right lane of 2 lanes) Lexus comes in from the left and turns into the 2 lanes before even looking, they drive straight, almost T-bone position, I slow down and honk as they cut me off and have almost crashed into me from my left side. They swerve into place and decide to stay in my lane, in front of me. I was driving at the normal speed, while they did not look at all before turning.
Driver Description: Decided to carry on about their day. After cutting me off and is in front of me at red light they continue driving straight. Could not make out appearance, Identity uncertain. No sign of handicap.