Road rage victim was suspect in separate road rage case, authorities say

Amy Lieu

Megan Stackhouse (left) and Lucinda Mann.

An Oregon woman has been linked to two road rage cases, one as victim and one as suspect, authorities said. (.)

In an ironic twist, an Oregon woman who reportedly suffered a broken arm in a road rage attack against her June 1 was the offender in a separate road rage case in May, authorities said.

Megan Lea Stackhouse, 34, of Bend, allegedly punched another woman in the face after crashing into her car twice on Mother’s Day, the Bulletin of Bend, Ore., reported.

“Victim in one road rage case, defendant in another,” Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel told the paper. “I know it’s odd.”

“Victim in one road rage case, defendant in another. I know it’s odd.”

In the May 13 case, Cheryl Norton, 55, alleged that Stackhouse T-boned her car, then refused to give her insurance information and drove off. Norton claimed Stackhouse then returned to the scene and rear-ended her car, the report said.

Then Stackhouse walked up to Norton and punched her in the face, Norton claimed.

Stackhouse denies the allegations, according to the report.

Norton said Stackhouse’s insurance has paid $5,000 to repair the damage to her vehicle, the Bulletin reported.

Bend police told the Bulletin that Stackhouse was cited for assault and was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

In the June 1 case, authorities say, a road-rage suspect identified as Jay Allen Barbeau, 49, of Redmond, allegedly beat Stackhouse in the head and broke one of her arms with his bare hands.

He also allegedly threw Stackhouse’s fiancée, Lucinda Mann, to the ground, knocking her unconscious, the report said.

Barbeau allegedly had followed Stackhouse and her fiancée’s vehicle for blocks. She said she pulled over to let Barbeau pass, but he instead got out of his vehicle, shattered the couple’s rear window and grabbed her arm and snapped it, the Oregonian reported.

Jay Barbeau, 49, allegedly broke a woman’s arm in a road rage case June 1, authorities said. (Deschutes County Jail)

Barbeau was being held in Deschutes County Jail and was scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, the report said.


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