Speeder caught driving 120 mph

Speeder caught driving 120 mph in a construction asks for a warning, gets something much worse

Gary Gastelu

Maybe it does hurt to ask.

An Indiana State Police officer pulled over a driver for doing 120 mph in a 60 mph construction zone on the outskirts of the city this week, and the man had the nerve to ask if he could get off with a warning.

Instead, he got some time in jail.

Communications officer Sgt. John Perrine posted images of the incident on Twitter, complete with a face palm emoji symbolizing his disbelief.

He said that Trooper Nick Klingkammer was on patrol in his unmarked Ford Mustang when he spotted the scofflaw flying down I-69 in an Infiniti Q60 sports coupe.

The Indiana State Police has a fleet of undercover Ford Mustangs like this one, which was involved in a separate law enforcement action. (ISP)

After denying the driver’s request for clemency, Klingkammer took him to jail.

Perrine told The Drive that the driver faces a maximum sentence of 365 days in jail and $5,000 in fines if convicted on the charges he now faces.

The incident happened just days after another Indiana State Police officer went viral and was called a “hero” for pulling over a driver going too slowly in the passing lane.


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