Speeding driver throws his ticket at highway patrol officer

Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate

A 20-year-old P-plate driver has had the book thrown at him by NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol after his bad driving elicited some even poorer behaviour.

The Blackwall man was driving a Volkswagon Polo in a southerly direction on the M1 at Mt White on Tuesday morning at 5.10am, when he drew the attention of police due to “erratic driving behaviour”.

Police monitored his driving for a number of kilometres and watched on as the green P-plate driver increased his speed well above the posted speed limit.

He then allegedly overtook a number of vehicles at high speed. Police followed the driver and checked his speed at 153km/h.

He was stopped a short time later and produced a NSW CP2 driver licence which restricts him to 100km/h.

When spoken to about his driving he stated he was running late for work.

He was issued an infringement notice for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h ($2318 and 6 points) which he threw back at police.

His licence was confiscated and his driving privileges suspended for six months.

The number plates from his vehicle were seized by police for a period of three months.


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