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Texas – LXB8090

Event: VIOLENT PSYCHO LUNATIC! Event Description: As usual, these self-entitled jackasses think they have the right to try and murder people and break the laws because they can’t be bothered to do ANYTHING legally and safely!!! Plano, Tx – 8/13/19 – Purposely blocking traffic and blocking the entrance to the apartments, as well as ILLEGALLY…

Texas – LLG9970

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver would not let me pass, slammed on brakes in front of me going 70 miles per hour in a 75 mile per hour zone. Driver Description: Male with middle finger displayed. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Avalon Event Date/Time: January 03, 2019 15:36:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Maryland – PCD977

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Guy was behind me, then gunned past me to get to the zipper merge first. Super dangerous maneuver. Only to have to slam on his brakes for the traffic at the red light. Driver Description: Older white bald male Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Avalon XL / 2000 Event Date/Time: October 02, 2018 17:30:00…

Virginia – VDT3115

Event: Brain Dead Event Description: Flying through the parking lot at the gas station completely cutting me off and didn’t even notice, I don’t think. Driver Description: Black female Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Avalon XL / 2000 Event Date/Time: September 01, 2018 02:24:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

California – 7VHU807

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Was behind driver for a few miles, speed was erratic after the driver cut me off when he failed to merge from his closing lane while not using a turn signal or adjusting speed up or down to accommodate my vehicle so I had to lock up my brakes to avoid…

Georgia – RJU3979

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Georgia Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 05, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 34.054583189711636, -84.06992640898437 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Avalon Event Description: High speed pass, crossed double yellow line in a residential area, at least 50mph in a 35mph zone. Driver Description: Original Report