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Arizona – BDH274U

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Smiled and flashed people off as he cut them off on the freeway. Speeding and reckless, then cutting people off on top of it. Driver Description: Wearing a hat, Hispanic, and on the phone. Cut 3 or 4 people off and flashed his middle finger. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet /Tracker Event…

Arizona – CCP4815

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Right lane markers stating right lane closed ahead. Car waited until the very last minute to merge, pulled in front of us and slammed his brakes on. Driver Description: Unknown, windows tinted very dark Vehicle Make/Model: Mazda/CX5 Event Date/Time: March 15, 2019 18:17:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – BPH5278

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver was going over 20 miles over the sped limit and tailgating other cars. Very dangerous!! Driver Description: Female, white, mid to late 50s Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Highlander Event Date/Time: January 30, 2019 17:39:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – BZE4696

Event: Road Rage Event Description: This driver was extremely aggressive, refusing to yield, as merging from two lanes to one, at the very last bit of open right lane. (The right lane closes for construction at this point of road–with many warnings and a long line of traffic already merged and waiting.) He forced his…

Arizona – CGW7963

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cut off people when changing lanes, close to hitting cars Driver Description: African american male, early to late 30’s Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/ Event Date/Time: January 03, 2019 10:03:00 am Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – CAP5183

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Almost caused and accident with another vehicle. Yelling and flipping drivers off. Driver Description: White two door. Male driver Male passenger early 20s. Vehicle Make/Model: Hinda/Civic Event Date/Time: December 29, 2018 22:14:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report

Arizona – KSX486

Event: Walking behind our truck Event Description: This nasty man was walking to his truck and walked behind our truck as we were backing up. He had the nerve to say pedestrians have the right if way and cussed at us for almost hitting him Driver Description: White male Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Truck Event Date/Time: November…

Arizona – BZV2102

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Scottsdale Arizona not Alabama..It started on the freeway when this lady completely wasn’t paying attention on her cell phone, she was merging in my lane and I was trapped with traffic all around and almost touch my Jeep. She corrected her car after I had to break quickly. I drove up…

Arizona – CK27518

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Very dangerous driver. Tailgating in heavy rain and using his vehicle as a weapon. Cutting other vehicles off and using the turn lane to cut in front of others. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: / Event Date/Time: October 24, 2018 16:46:00 pm Location: Arizona, United States Original Report