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Colorado – AGDL25

Event: Phone/Texting Event Description: Driver texting on two phones. One in Each hand. Weaving in and out of lanes, speeding and no turn signals Driver Description: Female dark hair Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Camry Event Date/Time: May 19, 2021 18:18:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – 066WFC

Event: Reckless Event Description: reckless driver making unsafe lane changes, driving aggressively and speeding on local streets. Think he owns the road and acts tough in his car when confronted Driver Description: a very ugly white male who looks hurt. Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan /Juke Event Date/Time: April 17, 2021 17:45:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – OFO565

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Turned left into oncoming traffic lane, swerving behind cars in the adjacent turn lane, and cutting off a semi on the street that they turned on while carrying multiple appliances pulled approximately 6 ft above the vehicle’s roof in the bed and stacked on the cab roof. Driver Description: Tinted windows,…

Colorado – AZWP76

Event: Reckless Event Description: Excessive tail hating. Speed up to car then slam on breaks. Occupying two lanes. Excessive lane change and cellphone/Tex usage while driving Driver Description: Asian male young 18-24 Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Focus Event Date/Time: April 11, 2021 14:46:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BHRJ52

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutting and stopping front of us intentionally. Flipping and showing a gun. He drove away when he saw the police car is approaching. Driver Description: Around 35 to 40 years old black american. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado Event Date/Time: March 13, 2021 23:41:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BHRJ52

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Cutting our way and stopping completeley ( not letting us passing) intentionally front of us during the regular traffic is running… He also stepped out from his truck and showed us a gun while traffic is running. He did this for about 5 minutes and ran away when he saw the…

Colorado – 2569621

Event: Red Light Event Description: I stopped at the red light, and behind me I noticed a white vehicle about to rearend me. But the vehicle swerved and red the red light almost hitting the side of a red pickup truck. Driver Description: I did not get a look at the driver. Vehicle Make/Model: 2020…

Colorado – AAWF30

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Asshole cut the drive thru line not just one, but TWICE. Asshole looked at me after she did it and laughted Driver Description: Asian woman. Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/ Event Date/Time: February 21, 2021 23:00:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BIXF92

Event: Reckless Event Description: Swerving in and out of lanes. Excessive speeding Driver Description: White middle age male who looks like he has a drug problem Vehicle Make/Model: / Event Date/Time: January 29, 2021 17:49:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BWF506

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Cutting in front of people to brake check them. Not letting people pass when they can pass. Being a complete jerk serving around cars and brake checking everyone. Winds down window to scream at people at stop light. Complete lunatic. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/ Event Date/Time: December 14, 2020…