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Colorado – AAWF30

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Asshole cut the drive thru line not just one, but TWICE. Asshole looked at me after she did it and laughted Driver Description: Asian woman. Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai/ Event Date/Time: February 21, 2021 23:00:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BIXF92

Event: Reckless Event Description: Swerving in and out of lanes. Excessive speeding Driver Description: White middle age male who looks like he has a drug problem Vehicle Make/Model: / Event Date/Time: January 29, 2021 17:49:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – BWF506

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Cutting in front of people to brake check them. Not letting people pass when they can pass. Being a complete jerk serving around cars and brake checking everyone. Winds down window to scream at people at stop light. Complete lunatic. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/ Event Date/Time: December 14, 2020…

Colorado – 907NQO

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I thought this girl was going to PIT me as I tried to get out of her way. Really aggressive and bad driving continued to weave in and out of traffic recklessly as she either tried to get ahead of everyone or just away from my phone camera. Driver Description: You…

Colorado – COA486

Event: Reckless Event Description: Cutting in and out of traffic almost made me and my husband flip off the highways and flipped us off Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: /Pathfinder Event Date/Time: October 28, 2020 13:28:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – AHQE68

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: I was on left most and numbnuts was on right most lane. Both turning left into street that splits. Guy/Gal aggressively turns taking up two lanes while turning and merges to my lane before we completed turning, forcing me to swerve to avoid the collision. Honking ensues and i’m so…

Colorado – RSUPRXF

Event: Reckless Event Description: I was doing the posted speed limit when this person passed in a NO passing zone on a curve. Driver Description: Didn’t see the driver. Vehicle Make/Model: Jaguar/XF Event Date/Time: August 02, 2020 10:26:00 am Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – AQV487

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Parking in front of the car wash entrance to go into the convenience store. There are others who would like to use the carwash you know. Driver Description: Hispanic lady Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai /Santa Fe Event Date/Time: May 03, 2020 21:06:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States

Colorado – QCD670

Event: No Signals Event Description: Old man was cutting off everyone without using his turning signals. I was causally driving and he cut me off all quick and caused me to brake all stupid and on TOP OF THAT he flipped me off like if I was the one who cut him off. Driver Description:…