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Texas – KXW7016

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: This idiot is speeding and coming up fast from behind. I thought they were going to hit me. They swerved over into the other lane with no signal nearly hitting another vehicle because they didn’t want to have to slow down. Scary when turning right since people in this area…

New York – JGS5680

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Wouldn’t let me in a lane and called me nasty names and kept trying to hit my car, she kept trying to get out of her car to do something. Driver Description: Yelled at me wouldn’t let me in and I had my blinker on, she cursed me out Vehicle Make/Model:…

Minnesota – CJA719

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Road rage and littering report: This driver threw paper/litter out her window on Bloomington Ave approaching a red light at 24th. I pulled up next to her SUV in the right run lane, and saw that her window was open, so I rolled mine down and yelled over to her: “Why…

California – 8HRN874

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Very aggressive and terrible driver, cutting off people on the 5, swerving around. Should be shot. Driver Description: Not available Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Compass Event Date/Time: July 03, 2019 14:15:00 pm Location: California, United States Original Report

West Virginia – 1SC187

Event: Left Lane Loafer Event Description: Typical Slow Poke in the left lane. Then when trying to pass they speed up. Lane attachment fool! Driver Description: Didn’t see Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Compass Sport / 2008 Event Date/Time: September 01, 2018 02:11:00 am Location: West Virginia, United States Original Report