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California – 7VGN838

Event: Cut line Event Description: Driver cut line to supercharger Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Tesla/Model S State/Province: California Country: United States Event Date/Time: August 06, 2018 00:00:00 am Location: 33.98669498714337, -118.39033398041204 Original Report

Massachusetts – 34MB22

Event: Cut Off Event Description: I was the middle lane that goes straight only and this jack ass was in the right lane that only turns right well once the light turned green and went he pressed on his ass so fast cut me off almost hitting the side of my car! Didn’t even signal…

New York – ZCZ1063

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Tried to cut over lanes. I beeped my horn because he was cutting me off. He completely ignored my horn even though his window was open. He continued into my lane almost hittin my car and I had to brake abruptly in order to avoid being run off the road.…

Arizona – CCJ9928

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Driver utilized left of two left-turn lanes and promptly changed to the right lane mid-turn without any signals and with complete disregard for the safety of others. Acceleration was excessive, and then the driver proceeded to direct their middle finger at several other drivers in the road. Upon entering the…

Texas – BY2Y689

Event: Aggressive State/Province: Texas Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 07, 2018 10:20:00 am Location: 32.99656794849932, -96.76771963522947 Vehicle Make/Model: Infiniti/QX4 Event Description: Lunatic JERKED over across my lane and cut me off, then SLOWED DOWN!!! Didn’t even use a signal until AFTER they jerked over and cut me off!!!! Illegal lane change and violent driver!…

California – 8EAL312

Event: Obstructing Traffic State/Province: California Country: United States Event Date/Time: July 06, 2018 17:45:00 pm Location: 37.35991279510735, -121.99588922446748 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Corolla LE Event Description: Stopped in the middle of the road preventing cars to pass because he wanted to turn left. He just stopped before the green light until the left turn light turned green…

Hawaii – SZN815

Event: Cut Off State/Province: Hawaii Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 27, 2018 06:28:00 am Location: 21.335026820791114, -157.88919637221682 Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado Event Description: I was driving in the right most lane as I was going to get off the freeway soon. He decides to cut me off because he also needs to get off soon.…

California – 7SEK835

Event: Cut Off Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 19, 2018 10:00:00 am Location: 32.81140960926173, -117.20297201555354 Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/TL Event Description: Car cut from right lane across 3 lanes with only inches between cars at 50mph Driver Description: Mexican short D grade Driver Original Report

California – 5GVX631

Event: Cut Off State/Province: California Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 10, 2018 15:15:00 pm Location: 37.72332360000001, -122.43768649999998 Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Mustang Event Description: Driver constantly switching lanes without signaling, driving beyond speed limit, cutting other drivers off, almost cause an accident Driver Description: African American Original Report

Florida – BBCY41

Event: Cut Off State/Province: Florida Country: United States Event Date/Time: June 05, 2018 15:30:00 pm Location: 27.981827, -82.78863949999999 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /Solara Event Description: Toyota slides right in front of me at light. I nearly hit him trying to stop. Driver Description: Original Report