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Hawaii – TYC010

Event: Right Turn Lane Hogger Event Description: This inconsiderate driver decided to utilize the right turn lane to continue straight ahead through the Paiwa Street + Lumiaina Street intersection, instead of using the lane for going straight. As a result, a queue of motorists who are trying to make a right turn from Paiwa Street…

New York – KDU1532

Event: Failure to yield Event Description: Clear Yield sign at a 55 MPH speed limit highway. Was driving at 50 mph. Car keeps going straight without yielding and ignoring the fact that other cars exists Driver Description: White female driver. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/HR-V Event Date/Time: November 08, 2020 09:52:00 am Location: New York, United States

Rhode Island – DD999

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Sept 4th 2020 You ran one red light at a very busy intersection almost causing a serious accident then did it again at the next light. Please! Stop on yellow before you kill someone. Driver Description: White male 20’s Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/HR-V Event Date/Time: September 04, 2020 14:47:00 pm Location: Rhode…