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West Virginia – 01327

Left Lane Loafer Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Accord – Tan Event Description: Just a left lane loafing without a care in the world. Slower traffic keep right is just a silly idea and doesn’t process in my brain pan. Driver Description: Older white lady. Original Report

California – 6UBN390

Reckless Vehicle Make/Model: Genesis/N/A Event Description: This white female driver sped up to me (while I was biking), almost hit me, and then screamed at me while slamming her horn. I was biking in a normal lane and she kept screaming, “Get the fuck out of the this lane.” Driver Description: White female, mid-40s Original…

Cracking Down on Drivers Holding Up the Left Lane

Maryland is weighing stiff fines for highway hogs, joining Virginia, North Carolina with left-lane penalties. Alexis Wainwright usnews.com In Maryland, driving slowly in the left passing lane not only will earn motorists angry glares from other drivers – it may soon cost them hundreds of dollars. The state’s House of Delegates has passed a bill…

How to Deal With Slow Drivers in the Fast Lane

Slow Drivers

Courtney Caldwell roadandtravel.com We all know that speeding is against the law. Why? Because most of us aren’t trained or experienced in handling a vehicle at a high rate of speed, especially if that vehicle goes out of control. So the answer, simply put, is that it’s too dangerous to drive at high speeds. That…