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California – 5ESN663

Event: Aggressive Event Description: I was driving a van with the emergency flashing lights on, my headlights were out. I stopped to make a right onto a street, and waited for a man to push his baby carriage across. The driver behind me was impatient, and went around my right side. This was dangerous because…

New York – JAG8985

Event: Reckless Event Description: He almost hit my back. If i did not pull over to the side, we were gonna clash. Driver Description: Very arrogant. He looked high. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/CRV Event Date/Time: October 06, 2018 20:00:00 pm Location: New York, United States Original Report

Nevada – 561B93

Event: Reckless Event Description: Street Racing, Giving the bird to another driver. Obnoxiously honking non stop with his female passenger. Street Racing with a BMW M4 License Plate:NW-400-349 [State:Nevada] Driver Description: Two People in the vehicle. One caucasian female passenger and Caucasian male driver. Both in their 20’s Vehicle Make/Model: Kia/Optima Event Date/Time: October 05,…

Nevada – NW400349

Event: Reckless Event Description: Street Racing, Driving with no traction control, sliding the tail of his car. Racing with a Kia Optima Plate:561-893 [State:Nevada] Driver Description: caucasian male in early 20’s Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/M4 Event Date/Time: October 05, 2018 02:51:00 am Location: Nevada, United States Original Report

Virginia – WWV8620

Event: No Signals Event Description: Mulitple lane changes in heavy rush hour traffic all the while never using an indicator. Driver Description: Possible middle aged white male. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Yaris / 2010 Event Date/Time: October 03, 2018 16:00:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Maryland – PCD977

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Guy was behind me, then gunned past me to get to the zipper merge first. Super dangerous maneuver. Only to have to slam on his brakes for the traffic at the red light. Driver Description: Older white bald male Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Avalon XL / 2000 Event Date/Time: October 02, 2018 17:30:00…

Florida – 356PA

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Mustang wouldn’t let car merge into lane. Car put blinker on and had space and mustang sped up and wouldn’t allow car into lane. Car drove on road until mustang finally backed off. Driver Description: Old man, heavy set with mustache. Balding or bald Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Mustang Event Date/Time: July…

California – 4RNP749

Event: Failure to yield Event Description: Speeding in a parking lot. Failed to yield to seniors who are already on the pedestrian crossing from the supermarket entry to parked cars. Driver Description: Middle Aged, White male Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan /Xterra Event Date/Time: October 03, 2018 11:00:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

Arizona – BHL8039

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Driver decided he did not want to merge with the line of vehicles, decided to maneuver through a construction area to cut off as many vehicles as he could. When he almost hit a car, then began yelling at that driver who he almost hit. Driver Description: Male Driver in…

Colorado – CSG105

Event: Aggressive Event Description: aggressive driving, way over the speed limit in heavy traffic Driver Description: black male with spiky hair Vehicle Make/Model: Volvo /station wagon Event Date/Time: October 01, 2018 17:15:00 pm Location: Colorado, United States Original Report