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Texas – LRD0128

Event: SPED thru RED LIGHT Event Description: Another violent criminal SPED SPEEDING through a RED LIGHT INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!! Sped thru red light off of Woodburn Corners onto Park road! Driver Description: n/a Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Mini Van Event Date/Time: March 20, 2019 15:29:00 pm Location: Texas, United States Original Report

Texas – JDP0492

Event: Bad Parking Event Description: Parked ILLEGALLY in a RED FIRE LANE that is clearly and specifically marked “FIRE LANE NO PARKING”. They was nobody in the vehicle, nobody was getting out or getting in the vehicle. IT WAS ILLEGALLY PARKED THERE! Once again, criminals breaking the law and the so-called “law enforcement’ doesn’t give…

Texas – CSN1020

Event: Red Light Event Description: This violent sack of garbage just SPED thru the RED LIGHT INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!! Not only that, this violent psycho JERKED ACROSS THREE LANES OF TRAFFIC on the George Bush Hwy access road, from the FAR LEFT lane to the FAR RIGHT lane in HEAVY traffic!!!! Another violent, murderous psychopath…

Oregon – 186CTA

Event: Slow Poke Event Description: Murphy, Texas on Hwy. 544 Moron was driving 30 mph UNDER the speed limit which is 40-45!!! Driving IN THE MIDDLE LANE BLOCKING THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC!!! Driver Description: n/a Vehicle Make/Model: Chrysler/Dodge/silver Mini van Event Date/Time: December 25, 2018 06:55:00 am Location: Oregon, United States Original Report

Colorado – 205ZOQ

Event: Left Lane Loafer Event Description: I was heading south on Nevada. I put mu turn signal on and moved into the left turn lanes. The red Mini Cooper infront of me meant to go straight but did nto pay attention to the road and tried to go back into the straight soutnbound lane. As…

Virginia – XBE1383

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive, dangerous driver who either works or lives at/ near Wintergreen resort….extreme tailgating, speeding 20+ over and passing into oncoming traffic on the windy mountain road to/ from the resort. Fucking piece of shit needs a good ol’- fashioned ass-whooping. Driver Description: Irresponsible, inconsiderate piece of shit. A menace and a…

Virginia – WTR5724

Event: Speeding Event Description: Reckless bitch speeding 55+ in a 35 MPH zone. Driver Description: Idiot female Vehicle Make/Model: Silver Mini SUV/ Event Date/Time: October 08, 2018 08:30:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Texas – CYP7207

Event: ILLEGAL Parking/BLOCKING Road! Event Description: Another violent, DANGEROUS bitch! PARKED IN A RED FIRE LANE CLEARLY MARKED “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”, BLOCKING THE ROAD, BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS, AND LEFT HER FUCKING DOOR OPEN!!!!! Another vicious, violent, psychotically deranged sack of shit that doesn’t give a damn about the law, safety, or…

Texas – GTM6806

Event: Reckless State/Province: Texas Country: United States Event Date/Time: May 01, 2018 16:40:00 pm Location: 33.0240216126761, -96.76282946291502 Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/mini van Event Description: This jackass was not only driving VERY SLOW down Woodburn Corners, but also driving down the MIDDLE of the street in BOTH LANES! And they kept driving SLOWER and SLOWER and SLOWER…

New Jersey – F83JXC

Event: Bad Parking Country: United States Event Date/Time: March 31, 2018 18:25:00 pm Location: 40.6127439, -74.24753290000001 Vehicle Make/Model: /Honda Event Description: they blocked my driver door Driver Description: Original Report