Texas – 0024543

Event Description: AGAIN, this fuktard moron parking IN A RED FIRE LANE and BLOCKING TRAFFIC by also parking in THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS!!!! Not only an ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL ACT, but HAZARDOUS AND DANGEROUS TO EVERYBODY ELSE! This VIOLENT, LAW BREAKING, CRIMINAL does this EVERY DAY!!!! The City of Plano says it’s ILLEGAL for ANYONE to park in a RED FIRE LANE, EXCEPT FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES!!!! AND IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE RED STRIPE ON THE ROAD “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”!!!!! There are TWO open parking spaces barely 10 feet away (red arrow/circled in red)!!! No wonder my mail is ALWAYS getting “lost”, this fuktard CAN’T READ!!!
Driver Description: male
Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/USPS truck
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: July 30, 2018 16:15:00 pm
Location: 33.023461640500614, -96.76533866944845

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