Texas – 0224484

Event Description: Once AGAIN, the USPS criminal drivers just CANNOT get enough of breaking laws or endangering the public!!!! Truck # 0224484 This lunatic, parked ON THE SIDEWALK in front of Target! And not just parked on the sidewalk!!!! *Parked in front of a stop sign *Parked on a corner, blocking traffic and making it DANGEROUS for anybody to SEE traffic coming around that corner *Parked in a RED FIRE LANE, that is specifically marked “NO PARKING”!!! These POS’s just continually show how criminal and dangerous they truly are!
Driver Description: n/a
Vehicle Make/Model: Grumman LLV – USPS /USPS van
Event Date/Time: August 12, 2019 15:20:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States


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