Texas – 1057317

Event Description: 11/6/2019 – Plano, Tx – 3:50pm – DANGEROUS SCHOOL BUS DRIVER!!! I was at the red light in the left turn lane on Woodburn Corners road at Park road. This school bus FULL OF KIDS comes SPEEDING up to the RED LIGHT AND SPEEDS RIGHT THROUGH IT into passing traffic!!!!! Also, it was heavily overcast and this lunatic was driving with NO headlights on!!! I’ve reported these vicious, violent, deadly school bus lunatic drivers to the city, the school board, the police, and the state………and guess what!? NOBODY GIVES A DAMN! These PSYCHOTIC, VIOLENT school bus drivers are STILL speeding through red lights, stop signs, and have almost rammed me out of my lane on the opposite side of the road MANY TIMES!!! AND NOBODY CARES!!! And ALWAYS with a BUSLOAD OF KIDS!!!
Driver Description: n/a
Vehicle Make/Model: International /School Bus – Plano, Tx
Event Date/Time: November 06, 2019 15:50:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States


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