Texas – 1057327

Event: Reckless
State/Province: Texas
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: April 18, 2018 16:10:00 pm
Location: 33.02654778587116, -96.7628398455521
Vehicle Make/Model: Yellow School Bus/n/a
Event Description: I was driving down Woodburn Corners and got behind this lunatic driving this school bus FULL OF KIDS…..stopping in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET to let kids out instead of pulling over to the curb like he is supposed to! Bus #1070. Then the lunatic SPED down Woodburn Corners to Park and SPED THROUGH THE RED LIGHT! He did NOT hesitate, he did NOT slow down, he did NOT give a damn! He SPED THROUGH THAT RED LIGHT INTO PASSING TRAFFIC WITH KIDS ON THE BUS!!! Plano school bus drivers are violently, psychotically, and viciously DANGEROUS and a THREAT the lives of people on the roads as well as the kids in the buses!!! I’ve been filing complaint for YEARS on these psychotically deranged lunatics and NOBODY does anything! I’ve almost been rammed off the roads, almost been “T-boned” by one psycho speeding through a red light as I was passing through that intersection, and still…NOBODY DOES ANYTHING! Obviously you have to be mentally unbalanced, mentally unhinged, and a psychopathic murderer to become a Plano city school bus driver!!!
Driver Description: White male driver

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