Texas – 1162941

Event: Ran Stop Sign/No Headlights On
Event Description: This so-called “law enforcement” official obviously has absolutely NO REGARD FOR THE LAWS or peoples LIVES, much less LIVES BY ANY OF THE LAWS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD!!! This WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY RAN through the STOP sign off of American street onto Amelia Court, then RAN the STOP sign at Amelia Court and Park road, STOPPED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STOP SIGN (which means they RAN the stop sign, by “the laws” own words), which means this dangerous lunatic was IN THE INTERSECTION which is considered a FELONY in this state (or so I’ve been “lectured to” by the so-called “law enforcement” when *I* did that), and not only that, they were DRIVING IN THE DARK WITH NO HEADLIGHTS ON AND WERE NOT USING ANY KIND OF SIGNAL TO TURN!!! Our tax dollars HARD AT WASTE! So-called “law enforcement” that has NO REGARD for laws, safety, human life, or other peoples property! Completely and utterly corrupt, useless and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! License plate 1162941 Vehicle #17243 It’s bad enough they can’t be bothered with the psychopathic wanna-be murderers on the roads as it is……THEY have to make it even WORSE BY BEING THE SAME!!!
Driver Description: Plano Police
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Suburban – Plano Police
Event Date/Time: July 05, 2019 07:45:00 am
Location: Texas, United States

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