Texas – AR12662

Event: Violent Lunatic!
Event Description: Yet ANOTHER psychotic, violent illegal that has NO BUSINESS BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A DEADLY WEAPON!!! This lunatic was not only SPEEDING down Shiloh Road, this VIOLENT PSYCHOPATH WAS ATTEMPTING TO RAM PEOPLE IN HIS PATH!!!! He BARELY stopped in time to NOT SHOVE THESE OTHER VEHICLES THRU THE RED LIGHTS THEY WERE AT AND INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION!!! I mean he BARELY stopped within ONE INCH of RAMMING vehicles at red lights on Shiloh and crossing roads!!!! Thanks Obama!!!
Driver Description: Mexican male
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy /Truck
Event Date/Time: September 07, 2018 06:24:00 am
Location: Texas, United States

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  1. How do you know this person’s immigration status? Also, what does someone supposedly being “an illegal” have to do with how he or she drives. Plenty of American citizens drive like assholes.

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