Texas – BC7C848

Event Description: This MURDEROUS PSYCHO was on George Bush Tollway in the “fast” lane, in pretty heavy traffic, ON WET ROADS! I was in the FAR RIGHT LANE going to the Custer exit ramp, and as I started to get close to it, this murderous psychopath comes JERKING ACROSS 4 LANES OF TRAFFIC AND ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER CUTTING ME OFF! Then, this VIOLENT, DERANGED, MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH HARD JERKS ACROSS THE TWO LANES OF THE EXIT RAMP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! Then, after I get onto the service road, I safely and legally get over into the far right lane to turn onto Custer road, and as I get up to Custer and start to stop at the RED LIGHT there, this GODDAMNED MURDEROUS LUNATIC HARD JERKS ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER AT THE RED LIGHT ALMOST RIPPING MY FRONT BUMPER OFF, THEN SPEEDS THROUGH THE RED LIGHT ONTO CUSTER INTO PASSING TRAFFIC!!!! CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SEE THIS MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH!!!! HE IS EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND EXTREMELY DEADLY!!!
Driver Description: Old white male
Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Escape (white)
Event Date/Time: January 03, 2019 16:05:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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