Texas – BFX3293

Event Description: EXTREMELY DERANGED, MURDEROUS, VIOLENT, PSYCHOPATIC LUNATIC!!! BE WARNED THIS PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE WILL TRY TO KILL YOU!!!! I was on Renner Road at Waterview at the RED LIGHT. There are TWO right turn lanes…I was on the OUTSIDE LANE, and this vicious fuktard was on the INSIDE LANE. When the light turned GREEN and we both were turning, this pieces of shit JERKED ACROSS TWO LANES OF TRAFFIC FROM THE INSIDE TURN LANE AND COME WITHIN A FEW INCHES OF RIPPING MY FRONT END OFF MY VEHICLE!!!! Not only did this piece of human garbage TRY TO KILL ME AND DESTROY MY VEHICLE, this piece of shit was driving IN THE DARK, IN THE RAIN with NO HEADLIGHTS ON!!!! And on top of THIS, he kept acting like he was going to RAM me at all the red lights we came up at going down Independence road!!!!! (Waterview turns into Independence in Plano). CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SEE THIS VIOLENTLY DERANGED LUNATIC ON THE ROADS!!!!! HE IS EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!!
Driver Description: Old White male driver
Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer SUV
Event Date/Time: September 23, 2018 19:41:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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