Texas – CBD9142

Event Description: Yet ANOTHER VIOLENT, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MEXICAN let lose on public roads to endanger EVERYBODY!!! I was at the red light at Independence and 15th streets in the left turn lane. As I was stopping in the turn lane, this VIOLENTLY DERANGED, MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH STARTED DRIVING BACKWARDS from the RED light in the MIDDLE LANE on Independence IN TRAFFIC!!!! IN MOVING TRAFFIC!!!! Backing up on public streets, much less DRIVING BACKWARDS is a FELONY, or so the law states as “fact”! And yet this MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH JUST SLAMS IT IN REVERSE AND STARTS DRIVING BACKWARDS IN TRAFFIC!!! Then this VIOLENT PSYCHOPATH JERKS OVER FROM THE CENTER LANE into the left turn lane and ALMOST REAR ENDS ME!!!! I look in my rearview mirror and ALL I SEE IS THIS PIECE OF SHITS FACE!!!!! I DONT SEE ANY OF THE TRUCK in my rearview mirror, and the LAW states I am to at least see the bottom of the the front bumper of any vehicle behind me……I DIDNT EVEN SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS LUNATICS WINDSHIELD!!!!! And then when we got onto 15th street, he started jerking as swerving in and out of lanes, sped up, then slammed on his brakes and made an ILLEGAL U-TURN INTO PASSING TRAFFIC ON THE OTHER SIDE OF 15th Street!!!! The truck had WBK on it, WB Kibler Construction on the sides of the truck and the tailgate. ANOTHER psychologically deranged “professional” out on public roads trying to murder people!!!
Driver Description: Mexican male
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy/Silverado – W.B. Kibler Construction
Event Date/Time: January 04, 2019 16:35:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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