Texas – CSK8468

Event Description: I was on Hwy 75 in Plano, Tx getting onto the exit lane that goes onto George Bush Hwy, and this PSYCHOTIC, DERANGED, MURDEROUS LUNATIC COMES SPEEDING UP ONTO MY REAR BUMPER WITH HIS GODDAMNED BRIGHT LIGHTS ON, RIDING MY REAR BUMPER AT 70MPH!!! THIS DISEASED P.O.S. KEEPS RIDING MY REAR BUMPER, BLINDING ME WITH HIS BRIGHT LIGHTS AS WE ARE GOING ONTO GEORGE BUSH! The ONLY thing I can see on the road in front of me is the white lines, so I’m having to use those to gauge where the fuck I was on the road because I was FUCKING BLIND FROM THIS MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH BEHIND ME BLINDING ME WITH THEIR LIGHTS!!!! Once we FINALLY get onto George Bush Hwy, this piece of human diseased garbage HARD JERKS ACROSS 4 LANES OF TRAFFIC AND ALMOST HITS THE REAR OF THE VEHICLE THAT WAS IN THE NEXT LANE OVER!!!!! And then this diseased piece of filth SPEEDS off into the distance!!! BE WARNED!!!! THIS IS AN EXTREMELY VIOLENT, DANGEROUS, MURDEROUS SACK OF SHIT!!!! They obviously have NO consideration for the law, peoples lives, their personal space, or anybodys personal property!!!
Driver Description: n/a
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram – flatbed
Event Date/Time: May 22, 2019 06:15:00 am
Location: Texas, United States

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