Texas – CX7Y944

Event: Murderous lunatic!
Event Description: I was in the center lane of Renner road, coming to a stop at the red light at Renner and Plano road, and this violent, psychotic douchebag was in the far right lane, and as we were coming up to the RED light, he HARD JERKED his vehicle across my front bumper AS HE WAS SLAMMING ON HIS BRAKES!!!!!! Then when we get on the other side of Plano road after the light turns green, he JERKS back over into the far right lane!!! When we get up to the red light at Renner and Hwy 75, this MURDEROUS LUNATIC JERKS BACK OVER INTO THE MIDDLE LANE RIGHT ON MY REAR BUMPER AND ALMOST RAMS ME AT THE RED LIGHT!!! I MEAN THIS PSYCHO IS RIGHT ON MY REAR BUMPER!!!! I look in my rearview mirror and I DONT SEE ANY of the front of his vehicle in my mirror!!!!! Of course the “police” just can’t be bothered. But yet if that were ME driving like a murderous psychopath, there would be 50 goddamned pigs on my ass!!!!
Driver Description: OLD white male driver
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Element
Event Date/Time: September 14, 2019 10:50:00 am
Location: Texas, United States

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