Texas – CYY2878

Event Description: WARNING! THIS DERANGED DRIVER ATTEMPTED MURDER OF SEVERAL PEOPLE!!!! 10/9/2019 – 4:53PM – Richardson, Tx/Plano, Tx – George Bush highway has 4 lanes, and 6 lanes at exits/entrances. I was going from Richardson into Plano and I was in the second to the inside left lane, and this POS was in the exit lane to go to Dallas/McKinney! (three lanes over) As I started to pass this exit/entrance (cars were stopped as it was heavy after work traffic), this PSYCHOTIC MURDEROUS LUNATIC HARD JERKED HIS TRUCK OVER ACROSS TWO LANES OF TRAFFIC THAT WAS GOING 70 MILES AN HOUR OR FASTER AND CUT ME OFF!!!! I had to SLAM on my brakes and almost skidded into the vehicle in the next lane!!!! Then when we got to the exit ramp going onto the service road to Custer road, this MURDEROUS PSYCHO TRIED KILLING THREE MORE PEOPLE BY EXITING THE MIDDLE LANE OFF THE HIGHWAY ACROSS 4 LANES OF HEAVY TRAFFIC, CUTTING OFF ALL THOSE VEHICLES WHO HAD TO SLAM ON THEIR BRAKES LIKE I DID!!!!! Once AGAIN, the DMV handing out “licenses to kill” to any goddamned murderous psychopath that walks through their doors!!! BEWARE!!! THIS DERANGED PSYCHOPATH IS LITERALLY OUT TO MURDER PEOPLE!!!!
Driver Description: male
Vehicle Make/Model: CHEVY/Silverado (black)
Event Date/Time: October 09, 2019 16:53:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States


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