Texas – DH5G248

Event Description: As I was coming to a stop at the RED LIGHT at Independence and 15th Street, this truck was coming up behind me and then this MURDEROUS PSYCHO BITCH HARD JERKED HER GODDAMNED CAR BETWEEN THE TRUCKS FRONT BUMPER THAT WAS STOPPING BEHIND ME AND MY REAR BUMPER!!!! This PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED BITCH almost RIPPED OFF the front end of the truck behind me AND MY REAR BUMPER!!!!! All this happened as I was looking in my rearview mirror stopping at the red light!!! Then this PSYCHO BITCH STOPPED ON MY REAR BUMPER!!! ALL I saw in my rearview mirror was her GODDAMNED FACE! I did not see ANY part of her vehicle in my rearview mirror, ONLY HER GODDAMNED FACE! Which means HER front bumper was LESS THAN AN INCH from MY REAR BUMPER!!!! And then, when the light turned GREEN, THIS PSYCHO BITCH STAYED ON MY REAR BUMPER AS I WAS TURNING ONTO 15TH STREET AND THEN STAYED ON MY REAR GODDAMNED BUMPER FOR TWO BLOCKS GOING DOWN 15TH STREET until she HARD JERKED over into the other lane and cut somebody off!!! Then she went jerking and swerving in and out of lanes speeding down 15th Street!!!! You can see how close she was driving ON my rear bumper from the pic I got from my rearview mirror! THIS BITCH IS ONE VICIOUS, VIOLENT, MURDEROUSLY PSYCHOTIC LUNATIC!!!!!
Driver Description: Black Bitch
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Calibur ?
Event Date/Time: August 28, 2018 16:54:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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