Texas – FRD7208

Event Description: ANOTHER violent, deranged geriatric allowed behind the wheel of a killing machine, allowed to destroy and kill at whim!!!! This bitch was PARKED IN A RED FIRE LANE, CLEARLY MARKED “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”, also PARKED BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS! She saw me coming and SPED off….speeding around the complex and ALMOST RIPPED OFF MY FRONT BUMPER AS I WAS PULLING INTO A PARKING SPACE IN THE REAR OF THE COMPLEX!!! I mean this psycho bitch BARELY missed ripping off my front bumper!!!! THE BITCH DIDN’T EVEN STOP for me to get out of the way!!!! And she just SPED on through! VIOLENT PSYCHO BITCH!!!! BEWARE OF THIS ONE!
Driver Description: OLD, decrepit white bitch
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy /Malibu
Event Date/Time: September 06, 2018 16:35:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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