Texas – GH27GD

Event Description: Plano, Tx – 10:25am – Dollar Tree on 15th Street – MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH TRIED TO MURDER ME!! I was walking through the parking lot and across the “road” from the parking area to the store and this POS, deranged, wanna-be killer TRIED RUNNING ME DOWN! He came out of nowhere and just aimed at me and KEPT ON GOING! HE NEVER STOPPED!!!! HIS FRONT BUMPER GRAZED MY PANTS LEG AND ALMOST RAN OVER THE REAR OF MY SHOE!!! Another POS, psychotically deranged, murderous snowflake that has NO regard for human life!!!
Driver Description: old white male POS
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Prius
Event Date/Time: November 30, 2019 10:25:00 am
Location: Texas, United States


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