Texas – GHJ5194

Event Description: ANOTHER sociopathic piece of human garbage that thinks they are above the law, above rules and regulations, and are advertising that fact, as well as advertising she doesn’t have ANY respect for anybodys life, property, safety, or even her own! Another self-righteous black bitch PARKED IN A RED FIRE LANE THAT IS PLAINLY AND CLEARLY MARKED “NO PARKING FIRE LANE”!!! Not only ILLEGALLY parked in a FIRE LANE, but the bitch is PARKED IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE APARTMENTS!!! And on top of THAT, there are TWO OPEN PARKING SPACES BARELY 10 FEET AWAY (where the red arrow is pointing)!!! Yet this black bitch piece of garbage has to ENDANGER EVERYBODY by BLOCKING THE ROAD and ILLEGALLY PARK IN A NO PARKING ZONE!!!!!
Driver Description: Black bitch
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Accord
Event Date/Time: September 04, 2018 15:50:00 pm
Location: Texas, United States

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