Texas – GZL3772

Event Description: WARNING! MURDEROUS PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED LUNATIC!!!!! IF YOU SEE HER ON THE ROAD, CALL THE POLICE!!!! I was in the left turn lane going off K Street onto Parker road and as I was just starting to turn my steering wheel to make the turn, this DERANGED, MURDEROUS, PSYCHOTIC BITCH TURNS LEFT FROM THE CENTER LANE OFF K STREET ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER AS IM MAKING MY TURN AND COMES WITHIN AN INCH OR TWO OF RIPPING OFF THE ENTIRE FRONT END OF MY VEHICLE!!!! AND SHE DOES THIS WITH TWO KIDS IN HER VEHICLE!!!! Then this PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED MURDEROUS PIECE OF SH*T ALMOST RAMS ME AT THE LEFT TURN OFF OF PARKER GOING INTO THE TARGET THERE!!!! AGAIN WITH KIDS IN HER VEHICLE!!!! Another violently deranged snowflake that thinks she can kill, maim, and destroy at will because she’s black!!!!! This VIOLENTLY DANGEROUS PSYCHO has NO reason to have a drivers license much less be allowed to be behind the wheel of ANYTHING motorized!!!! And not to forget, CHILD ENDANGERMENT!!!!!!
Driver Description: black bitch
Vehicle Make/Model: Kia/Sorento (silver)
Event Date/Time: October 05, 2019 10:15:00 am
Location: Texas, United States


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